FAQ’s for Powders
Technically, 'dye' and 'colour' mean exactly the same thing. These terms can be used interchangeably.
No, none of the above mentioned Vasmol products contain ammonia. Ammonia, in a hair-colour/dye, bleaches the hair and causes the strands of hair to swell- so as to absorb the colour better. That is why a lot of hair colours contain ammonia. Ammonia is very harsh on the hair and can cause hair damage. So,each time you use an ammonia-based hair colour, your hair becomes more and more dry & brittle, leading to reduced hair strength.
A patch test is a method used to determine whether a specific substance/product causes an allergic reaction/inflammation to an individual’s skin.
It is always better to know if you are sensitive to any ingredient in the hair dye/colour, before you start using it. A patch test is therefore advised 48 hours before you start a hair colouring procedure. The test should be carried out before every application. All you need to do is to follow the instructions on the pack. In case you are allergic to the hair dye/colour, you could develop a reaction such as itching, irritation, redness & swelling of the skin etc. In such a case, it is best to avoid using the product.

It might. So, it is advisable to protect your clothes.(Note: use a towel or piece of cloth to cover your shoulders, & put on a plastic cap after the application of hair colour to avoid staining). We suggest that you wear old clothes while you dye your hair.

Please refer to the product usage section for detailed usage instructions.
This product comes in a single-use pack, and we recommend using the entire contents in order to get the desired colour. Moreover, if the pack is kept open for a long period of time, the colourant will start losing its efficacy i.e. it will not give the desired results. In case you still want to reuse the leftover dye later, make sure to seal the pack/pouch securely, so that the colourant does not come in contact with the air.
  •   Vasmol 33 kali Mehendi (with free shampoo)- 5gm
  •   Vasmol 33 Kali Mehendi (without free shampoo) – 5 gm
  •   Super Vasmol 33 Black henna -10 gm
  •   Super Vasmol Amla-8 gm

Vasmol Black Hair Oil is a hair oil with a unique blend of herbs in its formulation, that are known to prevent premature/early greying of hair.
Yes, it is a herbal oil with 8 natural ingredients that are known to nourish the hair & keep them healthy.
      It has 4 key ingredients in it:
  •    Karanja oil: a natural sunscreen which protects hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  •    Tulsi: traditionally known to prevent early greying of hair
  •    Hibiscus: known to prevent hair fall, and to keep hair soft.
  •    Bhringraj: known to maintain the natural colour of hair, and to promote hair growth.
  •    Amla: prevents greying & supports the strengthening of hair follicles.
  •    Methi: effective in treating dandruff
  •    Henna: conditions the hair.
  •    Chitrak: protects against virulent diseases.
Yes, it contains Methi as an ingredient,that is known to help in treating & controlling dandruff.
No. Vasmol Black Hair Oil is not a hair dye or hair colour, hence it does not colour the hair black. It is an oil which nourishes & softens the hair, and prevents premature greying of hair.
This hair oil is for daily use & can be used before or after hair wash. As it is non-sticky, it can be used after a hair wash to smoothen the hair & make hair styling easy.
Yes, it is 100% safe to use. The mineral oil that is used in this product is highly refined & purified and natural.
It is available in 25ml,100ml, 200ml & 500ml.
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